Dr Kojadinovic Milje Zeljko neurosurgeon

Sve što je navedeno o pojedinim bolestima nije dovoljno da zameni razgovor sa specijalistom. Svrha ovoga sajta je da taj razgovor olakša. 

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063 716 0227

 063 716 0227


 C U R R I C U L U M    V I T A E



NAME:    Kojadinovic Milje Zeljko
BIRTHPLACE:  Yugoslavia, Bosnia
DATE OF BIRTH: 26 August 1967
e-mail: zkoja@yahoo.com
Telephone: +381 (0)63 7160227 
skype:  kojadinovic2011
Personal web site: www.neurohirurgija.in.rs




University Novi Sad, Faculty of Medicine, Serbia
1987 - 1993

MSc, Neurosciences
University Belgrade, Serbia

Neurosurgery Board of Serbia sertification
Medical University Novi Sad, Serbia and Neurosurgery board of Serbia
1995 --2000  


Medical University Novi Sad



Practical experience


Consultant Neurosurgeon
Private hospital Sveti Luka, Petrovaradin, Serbia.
June 2013- present

Consultant Neurosurgeon
Neurosurgical Clinic, University Clinical Center Novi Sad, Serbia
May 2005- may 2013

Neurosurgeon specialist
Neurosurgical Clinic, University Clinical Center Novi Sad, Serbia
October 2000 – May 2005

Senior registrar
Neurosurgical Clinic, University Clinical Center Belgrade, Serbia
October 1997 – October 2000

Resident Neurosurgery
April 1995 - October 1997
Neurosurgical Clinic, University Clinical Center Novi Sad

Aug  1994 - Apr 1995
Neurosurgical Clinic, University Clinical Center Novi Sad





I personally performed more than 2000 operations on brain, spine and nerves.

I have significant experience in the following neurosurgical fields:
Neuro-oncology: brain tumors of all locations and skull base tumors. 10 years participation in neuro-oncology multimodal treatment group.
Stereotaxy with frame
Aneurysm surgery: more than 150 clipped aneurysms of all locations
AVM surgery: urgent and elective
Hydrocephalus surgery: shunt and neuroendoscopy
Surgery of congenital anomalies in adults: Chiari, Arachnoid cysts
MVD of cranial nerves
Spinal tumors: tumors of the spinal canal (intra and extramedullar)
Disk surgery: cervical (anterior and posterior approach with artificial disk replacement), thoracic and lumbar region. Failed back treatment
Nerve surgery: entrapements and trauma
Pain treatment: Trained in courses for the usage of spinal stimulation and spinal pumps.


Professor of Neurosurgery
Medical University Novi Sad, Serbia
Mar 2009 

Associate Professor  of Neurosurgery
Medical University Novi Sad, Serbia
Sep 2004 – Mar 2009

Assistant Pofessor   of Neurosurgery
Medical University Novi Sad, Serbia
Oct 2000—Sep 2004

Senior Registrar  
Medical University Novi Sad, Serbia
October 1997 – October 2000


TrainiNg and courses

2001–Continual project of Clinical neurosurgery; meningeomas and endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms and AVM-s. Hanover, Germany (Prof. Dr. M. Samii) 2001.

2003 and 2007– Weill Medical College, Cornell University, Steig Phillip, Continuing Medical Education in Neurosurgery, Salzburg, Austria.

2006– Neuro–Oncology Current Concepts. Universitat Hamburg and The Cleveland Clinic. Hamburg.

2006– Neuroendoscopy Hand–on Workshop. Westphal M. Universitat Hamburg, Germany.

2007– Course of Anterior Cervical Disk Prothesis Prestige 2 Implantation, Dariusz L. Opole, Poland.

2008 – Neurostimulation Symposium, Medtronic sertificate, Belgrade, Serbia.

2008 – Contiunuing Medical Education – Perspective in Central Nervous System Malignacies, Bent M, Young W.K.A. Berlin, Germany.

2010– IntraThecal EFIC Masterclass on Pain. Professor Hans G. Kress. Vienna, Austria

2011– Neuropathic Pain Masterclass. International Coalition on Neuropathic Pain. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011– Fluorescence – guided resection using Gliolan. Steven D.V. Department of neurosurgery, Genk, Belgium.

2012 – Educational course. Endoscopic Endonasal Approach to Pituitary Tumors. Vulekovic P, Castelnuovo P, Locatelli D. Novi Sad, Serbia.

2018 - Advanced interventional pain treatment course, University of Barcelona


Continuing medical education


Three months of neurosurgical training at Frei Universitat Berlin, Benjamin Franklin Kampus, Neurosurgical department at Prof. Mario Brock. 2000

Three months of neurosurgical training at INI (International Neuroscience Institute) and Medical University, Hanover, Department of neurosurgery at Prof. Madjid Samii. 2001


Research participation


Ph.D. thesis:
 „Determination of Surgical Protocol and Prognostic Factors at Malignant Astrocytomas of Brain.“  Medical Faculty,  University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Master thesis:
 „The Recidive Compressive Radicilopathies of The Lumbar Region After Disk Surgery“,  Institute for Multidisciplinary Research-Neurosciences, University of Belgrade

Clinical Research and ICH GCP for Investigators  in organization of Quintiles

The VITATIOPS Trial Study Group. B vitamins in patient with recent transient ischaemic attack or stroke in VITAmins TO Prevent Stroke (VITATOPS) trial: a randomised, double-blind, parallel, palcebo-controled trial. In: Lancet Neurology, August, 2010; 9: 855-65. Vitatops collaborating centers.

Randomized trial of clazosentan in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage undergoing endovascular coiling.


Main publications


  • Kojadinovic Z, Vulekovic P, Jajic D, Cigic T, Papic V, Djilvesi D, Horvat I,Karan M. The evaluation of malignant astrocytoma score (MAS). Vojnosanit Pregl. 2013 May;70(5):452-6.
  • Jukovic M, Kojadinovic Z, Popovska B, Till V. Complete spontaneous resolution of compressive chronic subdural hematoma in a patient with liver failure. Med Glas (Zenica). 2012 Aug;9(2):417-20.
  • Vulekovic P, Nikolic-Đoric E, Kojadinovic Z, Papic V, Karan M, Dóczi T. A temporal pattern in the occurrence of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the Province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Acta Neurochir (Wien). 2011 Jun;153(6):1313-9; discussion 1319. doi: 10.1007/s00701-011-1017-2. Epub 2011 Apr 17.
  • Djilvesi D, Vulekovic P, Cigic T, Kojadinovic Z, Papic V, Horvat I. Association of post-traumatic communication of endocranium and nasal cavity with recurrent meningoencephalitis without rhinorrhea. Vojnosanit Pregl. 2010 Nov;67(11):945-8. Serbian.
  • Vulekovic P, Karan M, Kojadinovic Z, Papic V, Djilvesi D, Mitic G. Spontaneous thrombosis of basilar artery aneurysm after subarachnoidal hemorrhage in a patient with thrombophilia and recurrent deep venous thrombosis. Clin Appl Thromb Hemost. 2011 Aug;17(4):348-51. doi: 10.1177/1076029610366435. Epub 2010 Jun 13.


  • Dilvesi D, Vulekovic P, Cigic T, Kojadinovic Z, Horvat I, Karan M. Treatment of recurrent chronic subdural hematoma in a patient with arachnoid cyst. Med Pregl. 2009 Sep-Oct;62(9-10):469-72. Serbian.
  • Vulekovic P, Simic M, Misic-Pavkov G, Cigic T, Kojadinovic Z, Dilvesi D. Traumatic brain injuries--forensic and expertise aspects. Med Pregl. 2008 Sep-Oct;61(9-10):471-7. Review. Serbian.


  • Sveljo OB, Koprivek KM, Lucic MA, Prvulovic MB, Minic Lj, Kojadinovic Z. Functional magnetic resonance imaging in brain tumour neurosurgical resectionrisk assessment. Acta Chir Iugosl. 2009;56(4):31-6. Serbian.
  • Kojadinovic Z, Papic V, Cigic T, Vulekovic P, Popovic Lj, Jajic Dj. A new scoring system for malignant astrocytomas. Zentralbl Neurochir. 2008 May;69(2):65-70. doi: 10.1055/s-2007-1004579. Epub 2008 Apr 29.


  • Kojadinovic Z, Momcilovic A, Popovic L, Jajic D, Cigic T, Vulekovic P. Brain concussion--a minor craniocerebral injury. Med Pregl. 1998 Mar-Apr;51(3-4):165-8. Croatian.
  • Cigic T, Momcilovic A, Popovic L, Jajic D, Vulekovic P, Kojadinovic Z, Papic.V. Surgical treatment of compressive lumbar radiculopathy. Med Pregl. 1996;49(9-10):389-93. Croatian.


  • Vulekovic P, Momcilovic A, Popovic L, Gvozdenovic L, Kojadinovic Z. Early aggressive treatment in severe craniocerebral injuries. Med Pregl.1996;49(5-6):206-10. Croatian.
  • Kojadinovic Z, Momcilovic A, Kaurinovic B, Popovic L, Jajic D, Cigic T, Vulekovic P. A completely organized extracerebral hematoma--case report. Med Pregl. 1995;48(9-10):339-41. Croatian.


  • Kojadinovic Z, Rimski Z. Prognostic significance of morphologic and morphometric characteristics of communicating hydroceles in boys. Med Pregl.1992;45(11-12):455-8. Croatian.



Book chapters


Antić B. Kojadinović Ž. i saradnici. Dijagnostika i lečenje bola. Srpsko lekarsko društvo. 2016.

Pjevic. M. Kojadinovic Z. Simin S. Hubert E.Lecenje hronicnog bola kod odraslih Medicinski fakultet Novi Sad 2011. Novi Sad (EFIC assistance) (The Treatment of Chronic Pain at Adults)

Vulekovic P. Cigic T. Kojadinovic Ž. Osnove neurohirurgije. Medicinski fakultet Novi Sad 2012. Novi Sad. (Essentials of Neurosurgery)

Jajic Dj, Momcilovic A, Kaurinovic B, Popovic Lj, Cigic T, Vulekovic P, Kojadinovic Ž, Papic V. The treatment of spondylotic radiculo-myelopathy by ventral microdiscectomy. In: Lažetic B, Dudakov K. Basic and Clinical Aspects of Thery of Functional Systems, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu and P.K. Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology RAM Moscow, 1998: 451-457.

Kojadinovic Ž, Momcilovic A, Popovic Lj, Jajic Dj, Cigic T, Vulekovic P, Papic V. Type and localisation of compressive lesion at the recurrent compressive radiculopathy of lumbar region. In: Lažetic B, Dudakov K. Basic and Clinical Aspects of Thery of Functional Systems, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu and P.K. Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology RAM Moscow, 1998: 445-457.

Vulekovic P,Momcilovic A,Popovic Lj,Jajic Dj,Cigic T,Kojadinovic Ž. Savremeni tretman teških kraniocerebralnih povreda.U:Dijagnosticko terapijski trendovi u internoj medicini i hirurgiji, Janjic Dj,Lukac I, (edts.). Novosadski sajam, Institut za kardiovaskularne bolesti, Novi Sad, 1996:210-216. (The Current Treatment of Craniocerebral Trauma)

Kojadinovic Ž: Psihicke komplikacije kraniocerebralne povrede. U Somer T, Avramov S, eds. Komplikacije povreda. Visio mundi-Academic Press, Novi Sad, 1995:24-26. (The Complications of Craniocerebral Trauma)

Popovic Lj, Jajic Dj, Kojadinovic Ž, Cigic T. Terapija kraniocerebralnih povreda. U:Terapija povreda Avramov S,Somer T, (edts). Norden-Tech, Novi Sad, 1994:34-42. (The Treatment of Craniocerebral Trauma)

Popovic Lj, Kojadinovic Ž. Dijagnostika kraniocerebralne povrede, U: Somer T, AvramovS, eds. Dijagnostika povreda. Visio mundi-academic Press, Novi Sad, 1993:12-15. (The Current Diagnosis of Craniocerebral Trauma)


SCholarships, Awards and Honors

1993 Graduated as the best student of medicine in the 1993 class 

2000 Scholarship Schering companies in Germany for neurosurgical training at Frei Universitat Berlin, Benjamin Franklin Kampus, Neurosurgical department at Prof. Mario Brock

2001 Scholarship Schering companies in Germany for neurosurgical training at INI (International Neuroscience Institute) and Medical University, Department of neurosurgery at Prof. Madjid Samii, Hanover, Germany

2002 and 2005. Scholarship of AAF (The American Austrian Foundation) for courses in Neurosurgery in the organization of Cornell University, New York, USA




Serbian Medical Chamber
SLD- DLV Serbian Medical Society
Serbian Association of Neurosurgeons
EANS -European Association of Neurosurgical Societies
UITBS- Udruzenje za istrazivanje i tretman bola Srbije (Society for The Reseach and The Treatment of Pain of Serbia)
EFIC-  The European Federation of IASP® Chapters



Spoken languages



Ime i prezime: Kojadinović Željko

Datum rodjenja - 26. 08. 1967.


  • diplomirao sam na Medicinskom fakultetu u Novom Sadu maja 1993. godine sa prosečnom ocenom 9,92, kao najbolji student u generaciji.

  • položio sam specijalistički ispit iz neurohirurgije oktobra 2000. godine, sa ocenom odličan.

Stecene kvalifikacije i veštine 

  • obavljam dijagnostičke i terapijske procedure iz svih oblasti neurohirurgije mozga, kičme i živaca:

    1. bolesti svih delova kičme tipa: diskus hernija, spondiloza, nestabilnost, bolovi nakon operacija na kičmi
    2. terapija bola uključujući upotrebu savremenih lekova i sve vidove interventnih procedura, bez potreba za operacijom, u cilju lečenja bola. Velika je prednost da ista osoba raspolaže mogućnostima lečenja upornog bola svim terapijskim metodama (lekovi, interventne procedure i hirurgija). U većini slučajeva različitim tipovima lečenja se bave različite specijalnosti. To često rezultira nedovoljnom ili zakasnelom upotrebom adekvatnih tipova terapije bola. Naprimer kod diskus hernije pacijenti se predugo leče samo lekovima, a kada nema rezultata prelazi se odmah na hirurško lečenje iako, kod velikog broja slučajeva, interventne procedure bez upotrebe noža mogu dati bolje rezultate.

    3. tumori mozga, kičme i živaca svih lokalizacija

    4. aneurizme prednje i zadnje cirkulacije mozga

    5. angiomi velikog mozga, malog mozga i moždanog stabla

    6. intrakranijalni i spinalni apscesi svih lokalizacija

    7. povrede mozga, kičme i živaca

    8. povrede i bolesti nerava

    9. kranijalne i spinalne kongenitalne deformitete odraslih

    10. arteficijelne i autologne kranioplastike defekata lobanje

Učešće na ranijim projektima Ministarstva za nauku i tehnologiju:

  • "Legalni aspekti hirurgije" - projekat trajao 1998. -2000. godine

  • "Dijagnostika, terapija i komplikacija povreda" - projekat Instituta za hirurgiju u Novom Sadu, trajao od 1993 - 1998. godine

  • "Medjunarodni projekat ispitivanja prevencije ishemijskih promena na mozgu" Melburn, Autralia

  • Uvodjenje leka Clasosentan u kliničku upotrebu kao leka za lečenje vazospazma"- medjunarodni projekat

Magistarska teza

"Recidivne kompresivne radikulopatije lumbalne regije nakon operativnog lečenja" - Univerzitet u Beogradu 1997. godine. Tema se bavi načinima rešavanja bola koji zaostaje nakon operacije diska.

Doktorska disretacija

»Odredjivanje protokola hirurškog lečenja i prognostičkih faktora kod malignih astrocitoma velikog mozga« Rezultat disretacije je originalni Skoring sistem za davanje precizne prognoze kod malignih astrocitoma. Prezentovan je u jednom od vodećih neurohirurških časopisa »Zentralblatt für Neurochirurgie« i naišao na dobre recenzije i komentare.



Počasti i nagrade

  • najbolji student  generacije na Medicinskom fakultetu 1993. godine

  • najbolji studentski naučno-istraživački rad na Medicinskom fakultetu 1993. godine

  • stipendija Schering kompanije iz Nemačke za višemesečno usavršavanje na Nurohirurškom odeljenju univerzitetske bolnice u Berlinu, jednoj od vodećih neurohirurških ustanova

  • stipendija Schering kompanije iz Nemačke za višemesečno usavršavanje na Neurohirurškim odeljenjima  u Hanoveru Krankenhouse Nordstadt (NKH), Medicinski fakultet Hanover (MHH) i Internacionalni centar za neuronauke (INI)

Specijalizacija u drugim neurohirurškim klinikama  I USAVRŠAVANJA:

  • odeljenje za neurohirurgiju Hospital Clinico Virgen de la Arrixaca, Mursija, Španija

  • neurohirurško odeljenje Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, USA kod Prof. J.C. Maroon

  • neurohirurško odeljenje Univerzitetske bolnice BF u Berlinu, Nemačka kod prof. Maria Brocka

  • neurohirurška odeljenja tri bolnice u Hanoveru (NKH, MHH, INI), Nemačka kod prof. Majida Samii-a


  • Pohadjao sam brojne kurseve na svetskim klinikama (Berlin, Hanover, Salzburg. Pittsburgh, Hamburg, Glazgov, Opole,...) iz oblasti hirurškog lečenja kičme i hirurškog lečenja tumora mozga. Ovi kursevi su mi omogućili poboljšavanje tehnike i uvodjenje novina u hirurški rad.

  • Završen kurs dobro kliničke prakse  za ispitivanje lekova - Clinical Research and ICH GCP for Investigators  u organizaciji Quintiles


Boravak na stranim klinikama, kao i brojnim seminarima i kursevima mi je omogućio, pored sticanja znanja, sticanje i održavanje kontakata sa brojnim vrhunskim stručnjacima iz specifičnih oblasti neurohirurgije. Zahvaljujući njima uvek mogu, kod nejasnog ili retkog slučaja, kontaktirati najbolje stručnjake u toj oblasti. Ovo mi pomaže da nadjem najbolje terapijsko rešenje.


  • autor sam ili koautor u oko 112 radova kao i 10 monografija iz oblasti lečenja bola, hirurgije ili neurohirurgije

Profesionalna interesovanja

  • hirurgija intrakranijalnih tumora, lečenje bola, hirurgija kičmene patologije, hirurgija nerava

  • Veštačenje bolesti i povreda

Poznavanje jezika

  • engleski
  • nemački


  • Srpsko lekarsko društvo

  • Društvo neurohirurga Jugoslavije

  • Evropsko udruženje neurohirurga- EANS

  • Svetsko udruženje neurohirurga - WFNS
  • Evrospko udruženje za lečenje bola-  EFIC

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